Flash Flood Preparedness Tips

by Lori Strausheim 06/05/2022

Like many natural disasters, a flash flood can take you by surprise. Though weather services can often predict a flood, it's crucial to be prepared so that you protect yourselves and your property without panic. Here are some ways you can prepare for the possibility of a flood:

Get Flood Insurance

Flood damage is not included in most traditional homeowners insurance policies. If your home is in an area prone to floods, you can get financial peace of mind by purchasing a separate flood policy. Most flood insurance will cover the costs of repairs to your home and any personal belongings lost or damaged by a flood. Some policies also include a stipend for temporary lodging and preparedness supplies.

Understand Your Risk

Floods are more of a risk in some regions than others. However, flash floods can occur even in areas without a lot of rainfall. Because every location is different, research the flood risk where you live to get a sense of how prepared you should be. Consult your community's flood map to determine your risk and better understand the surrounding area.

Create a Household Inventory

Creating a thorough list of your household belongings is a common recommendation for insurance purposes, but can also help you regardless of a flood. Make a note of valuables, furniture, home electronics and any personal items that you would want to protect in the event of an emergency. This is also an excellent opportunity to protect important documents, either by making backup copies or by storing them in a water-tight container.

Have a Plan

Gather with your family or housemates and discuss an emergency plan. Create a "go" bag with essential items and first aid that you can grab in a hurry. If you have pets, make sure any leashes or carriers are somewhere you can access quickly. The more prepared you are for a flash flood, the safer you and your property will be.

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