3 Digital tools used by interior designers

by Lori Strausheim 06/12/2022

As technology advances, so do the tools available for interior design. Software and mobile apps continue to grow in popularity among professional designers and DIY home stylists. Here are some of the main types of digital tools used by interior designers today:

Digital cameras

Digital cameras have made interior designers' jobs quicker and easier by providing a simple way to document the process and collect ideas. With a digital camera or smartphone camera, a designer can take photos to document job site progress, snap important reference pictures and communicate their ideas better with clients. Digital images can be shared instantly with the tap of a button, making it easier to share, collaborate and find new ideas.

Design apps

There are many interior design applications available on the market today, in addition to computer-aided-design (CAD) software. For both professionals and DIY designers, it's never been simpler to plan a design virtually on your choice of device. Some apps include vendor portals allowing designers to make purchases directly from their virtual design, saving time and money. Design apps can show the client and designer the proposed finished product in an immersive and accurate way.

Virtual conferencing

Video conferencing has become mainstream in many industries, especially those like interior design requiring constant communication between designer and client. By using video conferencing technology, clients and designers can meet virtually to discuss ideas, plans, contracts and progress. In addition to the pure convenience, virtual conferencing helps designers expand and support their clientele from anywhere in the world.

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